Sigtuna is a charming little town not far away from Stockholm. Óskar surprised me with a daytrip for Easter, and we had a wonderful time exploring the pictoresque architecture and diverse historical sites of Sigtuna. It’s actually considered to be Sweden’s oldest town, and was founded by king Olof Skötkonung in 980 A.D. First of all, there are two medieval ruins… View Post

Hverfjall is located near Lake Mývatn in North Iceland (literally: midge water), and a wonderful spot to indulge in a panorama view of the geothermal area around the lake. Still, most people just go up, take a selfie at the fenced off area, and are ready to descend again. Óskar and I, however, always try to take our time at the places we visit, and try to adjust to the naturally given local rhythm… View Post

Gunnuhver is a geothermal site southern from Reykjavík on Reykjanes peninsula, and it’s actually one of my favourite spots around the capital area. Since Óskar and I went there in the evening, we were also spared from the tourist masses that usually occupy all the beautiful gems of nature. The name “Gunnuhver” derived from the female name Gunna and the Icelandic word for hot spring – hver. Thus, the place is meant to be Gunna’s hot spring… View Post

Encircling the Secret Lagoon, there are some steaming hot springs that redirect your view every single time you try to focus on one of them. There’s even a little geysir right next to the swimming pool that erupts every now and then! Can you spot it on the pictures? Óskar and I took our time to witness the eruption several times in a row. Watching the little water hole filling itself up with water until it bursts away can be such a meditating process… View Post