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Open-Air Museum

When we got to the open-air museum Árbæjarsafn the other day, there was a special art exhibition on display. The exhibition was arranged in cooperation with Nýlistasafnið Reykjavíkur (The Living Art Museum) – an artist-run art space that’s mostly known for its innovative exhibition concepts. On the first hand, the exhibition included sculptural and audio-visual works that were displayed in a traditional white cubish gallery space. On the other hand, the show consisted of tiny material interruptions that have been (dis-)placed in historical interiors.

Many of these disruptive objects were ready-mades such as e.g. trashy wigs, garish plastic fruit or low-budget cleaning tools which photobombed the picturesque historical scenery. Some were easy to detect, other ‘disruptions’ gave us a really hard time since they merged quite well with the original equipment.

I really have a thing for such enigmatic modes of display and their tricky fashion of re-framing space. A wonderful day it was!


Historical Museum Open Air in Reykjavik Iceland


Open-air museum in Reykjavik Iceland


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Arbaejarsafn | Árbæjarsafn