Avenyn | Downtown Göteborg

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Avenyn | Downtown Göteborg

Actually, the days get longer and longer as it’s bright outside until late in the evening already. At the same time, days tend to be way too short at the moment – there’s just so much I have to do (and so much more I’d love to do).But I don’t mind this kind of positive stress.
Tomorrow, I’ll be offline for two days since I’m on my way to a weekend uni conference outside town. I really look forward to being surrounded by green meadows and rusting of leaves while listening to inspirational talks. Sounds like a perfect plan.

Today’s outfit is a casual 90’s inspired one that I wore recently for a lovely afternoon downtown Göteborg together with Óskar. Our aim that day was to have a curious look at the inner city just like through a tourist’s lens. Behaving like a stranger in your own homebase can lead to so many surprising rediscoveries – I loved it! There’s another post going to come online soon with the result of our ‘alien eye’ on the sites of Göteborg.

Lately, we’ve tried to enjoy the city as much as we could for the time being as we’re going to spend the summer in Hamburg and all the beautiful places at the North and Baltic Sea close to it. Plus, we’ve received some great news recently that augur a change of place in autumn. We’re going to keep you updated as soon as everything is sorted (although it’s hard for me to keep such a thrilling secret). Just one thought in advance: I’m so excited for all the bigger and smaller changes that are on the agenda for 2015.

Denim Jacket: Levis Vintage | Shirt, Jeans and Necklace: Weekday | Ankle Boots: H&M | Camel Canada Scarf: Acne Studios | Shades: Rayban