Casual Jogging Style

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The past week was dominated by travelling and lots of sleeping (afterwards). As some of you may have read on Instagram, I went to Copenhagen for one day to attend a theatre show by my favourite performance collective.

Unfortunately, I chose the coldest and rainiest day of the week – and I was not at all prepared for it, wearing no more than a light blouse and a short denim jacket. This ended up in freezing like ***! When I came back home the following day, I immediately put my heating on the highest level and slept for about 16 hours (unintentionally). But, all in all, it was an eventful day in always beautiful København.

I also managed to visit Statens Museum for Kunst again. Their collection is so well put together that I usually go there at least twice a year in order to look at the same paintings and hangings again and again. It just never gets boring and I always notice some new details in my favourite paintings.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!