Matching the Lava Rocks

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If there’s one thing that I appreciate most when it comes to landscape, it’s probably the lack of trees which I might call a small obsession of mine. I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel attracted to the woods or other types of scenery that don’t allow those panorama views and broad horizons. I love it when I can see for kilometres, and it gets even better with monochrome and rather monotone landscape ahead. The ideal of this vision can mostly be found at the seaside and on islands in general, or, in particular, nearly everywhere in Iceland. Plus, I’m a fan of empty places, too.

This rather casual denim outfit was still a special one as it was the first time I went out with my new Céline Trio Bag. After dreaming about it (or better: her) for several months, she finally found her way home to me. Before then, the bag had been sold out at all places I tried to purchase it. It’s an odd feeling to see how such a tiny piece of black leather can make you so happy.

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