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These days are kind of hectic and tightly packed since there’re so many deadlines approaching for university – and the sunny weather mostly passes by my window (instead of being outside myself at the moment). But there’s no reason to lament, it’s so much nicer to study in bright sunshine than in grey winter nights!

Still, for the next two or three weeks, it’s going to be a little more quite on the blog. – Let’s call it a short blogging pause perhaps. Currently, Óskar and I spend most of our spare time on creating a new design for the blog website. If all goes well, there’s going to be a design relaunch soon! Of course, I’ll keep you updated about these changes and I’m already excited to hear what you’ll think of the new come-to-be layout!

For the time being, I always recharge my batteries by looking at pictures from Óskar’s and my latest weekend trips. While the weather is as fine as just now, we try to arrange at least one short-distance trip in and around Göteborg every week. It’s so refreshing to be outdoors and to spend some quality time together! Actually, it’s my favourite thing to do. – Especially if it includes a panorama sea view and some tasty grilling as we had it at the skerry coast of beautiful Fiskebäck lately.
The village Fiskebäck can easily be reached by bike, but lies (mentally) far away from hectic urban life. There are some hidden rock faces at the sea where you meet no one but some anglers here and there. We climbed up the rocks and found a calm spot with lots of sunshine that implicitly invited us to stay.

Some more pictures are going to follow tomorrow! Spoiler: Fiskebäck’s shore looks really spherical right before sunset. x