Hidden Rainbow

Hidden Rainbow in Icelandic Lava Field

Hidden Rainbow

Do you know those kind of (rather) sunless days when the sky is veiled in clouds? And still, your first thought is: “Where are my sunglasses? It’s way too bright to be without them!” This attitude would more or less sum up my daily life. – No matter how dark it is, how grey(ish) or white the sky, no matter what season the calendar indicates, or how soon the sun will set, I long for some sunglasses on my nose. It’s just so comfortable not to screw up one’s eyes and to have a darkened, somewhat private space where no one can come too close in terms of sight.
It’s funny to look back into my childhood, since on most photographs I’m the only kid wearing shades. Apparently, my addiction to sunglasses was an early passion already. Today, when I visit my mom (aka: my partner in crime) at home, it can get quite humorous as well. It’s always the same scenario: In the beginning, we try it the official way, sitting on fancy chairs with a cup of tea in her normally lit living room, yet constantly squinting at each other. Until one of us finally says the redeeming sentence: “Shouldn’t I get us our sunglasses?”

The day in Iceland when we shot these pictures, was a day of such kind as well. The sky couldn’t decide between grey or blue, and decided for a slightly hidden rainbow instead. Perfect day for dark shades.



Sunglasses: Rayban | Lace Shirt: Promod | Grey Jeans: Zara | Ankle Boots: Zara

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