5 Ideas for Pastel Looks

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Pastel colours are never really gone. In reverse: Are they ever one their way up?
To be honest, I haven’t read much about pastel tones lately since the next big thing seems to be a colour-exploding hippie revival – but, as mentioned before: They are never really gone. Plus, they flatter this first little Easter tan that (probably not only) I got last weekend.

Well, pastel style appears to be a textile long-runner. The good thing about it: If you invest in quality pieces, they can go along with you for more than just one or two seasons. And there’ve come up so many ‘new’ tones lately which make the whole thing even more exciting and rich in variety: I’m definitely fallen for taupe, lavendel, powdered brown, eggshell white or vanilla…

What do you think about minimalist candy colours for spring/summer 2015? Is it a trend that you fancy across time – or are you off to pastures new?

Fashionblog Stockholm Hamburg Reykjavik

  1. | Light grey is a brilliant pastel (non-)colour. If you don’t want to go for contrasts in black or white, grey may be the ultimate achromatic alternative. As you can see, I really love combining pale tones with different shades of neutral grey and a natural, nude make-up.
  2. | Add some dark accessories for an edgy pastel style. Sometimes, I don’t want to dare this pinkish candyfloss attitude that a full look in light colours might bring along. In my case, it’s for instance a delicate subject when getting dressed for university. Therefore, I usually combine my pastel key pieces with chunky boots or black accessories for a casual streetstyle touch.
  3. | In general: If you’re not sure whether a certain colour might suit you or not (e.g. bold green, bright yellow or orange), give the pale variant a try first: mint green, lemon and peach are great entry-level choices.
  4. | Invest in combinable basic pieces with a good fit. They can serve for an all-pastel-everything outfit as well as for single pastel statements in a dark-coloured look. These basic pieces for your timeless wardrobe might comprise a light oversize sweater, a cocktail dress, a spring coat or so much more.
  5. | Always a go-go: Mixtures of different fabrics and textures. It makes the homogeneous pastel colour scheme more subtle and offbeat. Also somewhat ‘odd’ fabrics are definitely worth trying out – as for example neoprene or velvet.


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Basic Look: Knitwear: Weekday | Jeans: Zara | Canada Scarf: Acne Studios
Accessories: White Sneakers: Zara | Grey Handbag: Vintage | Pearls: Meba/Rhodium Iceland | Black Ankle Boots: Akira Görtz | Black Handbag: Vintage | Shades: Rayban

Fashionblog Stockholm Hamburg Reykjavik

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