Mossy Lava Fields

Mossy lava fields in South Iceland

Mossy Lava Fields

Although the sun dared to peek out at times, it was rather windy and cold that day, and on top, it started raining once in a while. This type of wet and cold weather was quite a challenge when wearing neither a warming jacket nor a coat. I had goose bumps for about half an hour, even when we had finally gotten back to the car.

But I have to admit that I’m still stunned every single time Óskar and I make it out of town and plunge into the Icelandic landscape. I just love Icelandic nature. There’s no other word but love that would describe it. It’s so beautiful, yet sublime and minimalistic at the same time. Plus, there are no woods and barely no trees so that you can see most of the (numerous) remarkable scenic beauties from kilometers away. 


Here, we were in the lava fields which pop up when you get out of the metropolitan area of Reykjavík, heading south towards Keflavík airport. For about a half-hour’s drive, you see nothing else but the same mossy greenish fields on your left side, which somehow look really comfortable, kind of tempting like a cozy couch.

We shot some more outfits during our trip home to Iceland last month, which I’m going to upload within the next few days. Unfortunately, we didn’t take a high-quality camera with us, but fortunately, there are still many more trips back to Iceland on our list. Well, there’s always more to come. 




Lace Shirt: Promod | High-waisted Jeans: H&M | Ankle Boots: Zara | Mini Bag: Vintage
Mossy Lava Fields

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