My Viking

viking from reykjavik in iceland

My Viking

One of the best things about going out with Óskar, my boyfriend, is that it’s nearly impossible to lose sight of him. Basically, he can’t hide out. So far he’s always been the tallest guy around, regardless of whether we went swimming, to a concert, to the museum or just for a walk downtown. That often comes really handy.

The only problem is that purchasing jeans can be quite tricky since regular trousers tend to look like clamdiggers on him. But we accepted this challenge long ago, and it’s so much fun to go shopping with him. He’s really patient and doesn’t mind waiting in front of fitting rooms (for hours), which is a big plus for guys. Wouldn’t you agree?

Lava Fields

For these shots, we went into some mossy lava fields again. They’re located south of Reykjavík. Óskar comes from a suburban town close to Reykjavík, and it’s only a stone’s throw away from all those beautiful sites where you have kilometres of land all for yourself. I’m so into the atmosphere of loneliness of the scenery, and the greyish sky does its best.

icelandic lava landscape near reykjavik

viking fashion in icelandic landscape

mossy lava fields in iceland and reykjavik fashionblog

iceland viking in lava field near reykjavik

icelandic travelblog landscape with lava fields

Wool Coat: Gallerí Sautján | Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Cheap Monday | Scarf: Jack & Jones | Boots: Din Sko

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