The mysterious English label “Secret Lagoon” may be misplaced for one of Iceland’s top three swimming pools whose popularity increases steadily. If you want to have the pool all for yourself, it would be a good idea to either turn up early in the morning, to take a late night dip just before closing time – or to stay all day and wait for a few minutes of solitude… View Post

Off-track the famous golden circle route in South Iceland, there is a majestic volcanic crater called Kerið (literally “the bathtub”). It captivated Óskar and me in its fascinating tranquility and sublime beauty. Óskar had visited this spot several times as a child, but couldn’t take his eyes off it either. It’s become more commercialised today and tourists need to pay a fee to visit the crater. But hey – it’s for the sake of nature… View Post

Summertime is not the right time for blogging – summertime is meant to be spent outside in nature, exploring our wonderful planet and its sublime surfaces. So I decided to take a little break from my computer which turned out to become a digital detox at its best. Óskar and I have already spent some lovely weeks in the Icelandic countryside, and there’s still so much more to come… View Post

Just a tiny little update! While enjoying summer time at its fullest, I still tend to sit in front of my computer way too often (working for uni)… But there’re some changes coming up on the blog soon, too! Some of you’ve already noticed that I changed my profile name on instagram and on the blog. I’m going to tell more about it later, but to put it in a nutshell: No, Óskar and I didn’t get married. (I received some sweet e-mails asking… View Post

Each time, I want to take a break from work, I somehow end up ‘researching’ interior inspiration! Currently, Óskar and I have two different sites to arrange, conceptualise and (re-)furniture: our flats in Stockholm and Hamburg. In the still quite new and empty space in Stockholm, we decided for a colour range of white, grey and black. My passion is – off course – white furniture… View Post