Schillerska Gymnasiet

Schillerska Gymnasiet

In early January, when the christmas trees are gone and everyone rushes back to work after some lovely days off, I always start dreaming about spring all of a sudden (as many people do, I suppose). It’s those days when I try to suppress the dark prospect of another wet and muddy winter month ahead (February…), and all my thoughts revolve around flowers, opening buds and trees coming into leaf again. Spring is definitely my favourite season.
A few weeks ago, I was still super-excited about the snow, but as soon as there’s no new snowfall, everything starts to look rather bleak so quickly: The existing slushy snow turns into a greyish indefinable something on the side of the road – which makes the annual alarm bells start ringing in my head: It’s finally time for spring again!

In order to pass time more quickly, I enjoy looking at pictures which give me an idea of a brighter, warmer and more vibrant time. The basic look you can see here is a remembrance of a sunny October day in Göteborg last autumn – it was such a beautiful afternoon that Óskar and I spent downtown! I loved the somewhat restless background, the stone wall with all these different plain faces looking into the camera at one go. It’s one of my favourite painted walls in the city.

Minimal Look

For the outfit, I combined my blackish-grey jeggings with a white cut-out blossom shirt that was one of my last findings in summer sale. The shirt has quickly become one of my favourite pieces at it reinterprets flower patterns in a quite minimalistic way. And if there’s something that I always go for, it’s most certainly minimalism and monochrome looks in black-and-white.


Schillerska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg, Sweden