Shadows of Esja

Shadows of Esja

Hej everyone! I’m still sitting in front of my latest “best friend”: my sweet little computer. But soon, there’ll be some spare time again to breath in outdoor air – I really look forward to it, in particular because I’ve seen the first birds up in the tree in front of my window this morning. Spring is calling! The sun is slowly getting back which is a good thing since I’ve almost forgotten what bright sunshine looks like…

But, while being ‘locked’ in my personal office these days, it’s quite refreshing to look at pictures from Óskar’s and my wonderful christmas travel. I look forward to going on some weekend trips around Göteborg together soon (it’s just such a big gift to have him by my side, I often feel like the luckiest girl on earth when looking at him).
And by the way: This winter, it’s been the first time ever that I went for faux fur! Better late than never, I’d say, and this time I completely fell for it. Faux fur inspired minimalist looks have been my favourite outfits lately. This mocha-coloured coat really made me happy a lot of times this season – temperature-wise as well as style-wise. I’m going to miss it dearly when the temperatures go up again.




Shadows of Esja
Faux Fur Coat & Jeggings: Zara | Canada Scarf Burgundy: Acne Studios | Handbag: Vintage Reykjavík


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