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Icelandic Sheep

Reykjavík is a marvellous place for museum trips. Normally, you would find Óskar and me in art exhibitions or galleries, but during our last stay in Iceland, we gave the historical museum named Árbæjarsafn a chance. It’s a wonderful site, located indoors and open-air at the same time. The concept is to collect and preserve historical Icelandic buildings, and to move them to the museum’s extensive site in their original state. Such a splendid contribution to the local history of architecture! I’m a great admirer of wooden houses anyway.

One of the most beautiful surprises, however, can be found at the gates of the museum. They have two frisky black sheep which were more than strokable (probably they expected to get some food on exchange). Perhaps it’s because they remind me of my childhood with plenty of them ‘mowing’ grass on the dykes next to the sea, but sheep are my favourite animals, including – of course – baby lambs. I love their peculiar hairy appearance and also the fact that their intelligence is largely underestimated. Actually, sheep are fairly smart animals, they just know how to hide it well at times (which is a quality of its own).

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  1. 23/03/2017 / 23:14

    Aw, cute lil guys! Seeing the sheep on the side of the road was one of my favorite things about being in Iceland. Adorable-ness everywhere!