Sigtuna | Oldest Town in Sweden

sigtuna oldest town in sweden

Sigtuna Oldest Town in Sweden

Sigtuna is a charming little town not far away from Stockholm. Óskar surprised me with a daytrip for Easter, and we had a wonderful time exploring the pictoresque architecture and diverse historical sites of Sigtuna. It’s actually considered to be Sweden’s oldest town, and was founded by king Olof Skötkonung in 980 A.D.

First of all, there are two medieval ruins. One of them is (appropriately enough) called St Olof’s Church. Furthermore, there’s is the intact brick gothic St Mary’s Church which I liked a lot. I generally like red clinker brick buildings since they always remind me of home.

Scattered around all the churches and ruins, there’re many medievals runestones, too – which Óskar was really happy about. Since he’s been into runes for quite a while, he’s good at decoding and reading them. Thus, he can always tell me to which rune period each stone dates back, and he’s even good at spotting rune sign spelling mistakes!

Always a smart idea to have your viking right by your side when looking out for medieval rune stones ♥

What to do in Sigtuna

  1. Look out for hidden rune stones, of course.
  2. Have a look into the tiny old town hall (Sigtuna rådhus).
  3. Have a rest on the wooden benches by lake Mälaren.
  4. Get to the museum before it’s closing time (was ignored by us…)
  5. Stroll around the extremely beautiful street Stora Gatan and get inspired by the colourful houses.


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sigtuna oldest town in sweden


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Sigtuna Oldest Town in Sweden