One Day in Zürich

Alpaka im Zoo Zurich Travelblog aus der Schweiz

Private Safari at Zoo Zurich

A few days ago, I visited beautiful Switzerland. More precisely, its largest city Zurich. Although Zurich welcomed me with heavy rain, I was taken by its beauty right away. The lake in the city centre, the pittoresque streets and central European architecture were friendly framed by the Swiss-German language that surrounded my flaneur strolls everywhere.

My first target was an academic conference. But lucky me – a friend of mine who I once met in the Faroe Island lives in Zurich. On my last day in town, she invited me uphill. We took the tram, ended at Zoo Zurich and had such a wonderful time. Since she and her husband are frequent visitors of the zoological garden, I had the best guide I could imagine.

Elephant Baby

While I was often still trying to decipher the names of (hitherto) unknown animals, my friend already provided me with information about their natural habitat, dietary habits and individual histories at Zoo Zurich.

One of the highlights in the zoo is of course the spacious, newly built elephant house. Happiliy enough, we also had a glimpse at the elephant baby that appears to be the local crowd-pleaser: cuteness overload. I have to admit that I’m a frequent late-night viewer of elephant videos on youtube. Such a majestic species! Thus, it was fun to keep up with the vivid elephant family in Zurich.

Alpaka Love 2.0

Alpakas are my favourite animals when it comes to smaller sizes! If I had a huge garden, enough time and affection to share, I’d love to have my own alpakas one day. They’re so friendly, straight-edge vegetarians and look cosy, yet fashionable with their thick fur and the accurately syled fringe. So, it was no surprise I tried to take a selfie with one of the alpakas. The shot didn’t turn out well, but – so what!

It can create such a meditating atmosphere to watch satisfied animals. Although I’m not quite sure what I think about the very concept of zoological gardens in general, this day at Zoo Zurich was definitely one to remember.

Otter im Zoo in Zurich, Schweiz im Wildgehege


Swimming pig in the zoo zurich, switzerland


Affengehege im Zürcher Zoo, Schweiz


Schildkrote unter Wasser im Zoo Zurich in der Schweiz


Elefantenbaby im Zoo Zürich, Schweiz


Zoo Zurich Bathing Animals


Pfau putzt sich im Zoo Zürich


Pinke Flamingos im Zoo Zürich


Alpakas aus Südamerika trinken Muttermilch


Pinguine im Zoo Zürich


Into the Wild: Rain Forest, Zoo Zurich


Alpaka-Baby frisst Grashalm


Schneeleopard im Zoo Zürich


Zoo Zurich Animals from Africa in Switzerland


Zoo Zurich Kamel im Wildgehege in der Schweiz

Alpaka-Liebe im Zoo Zürich

Nahaufnahme von Flamingos im Zoo Zürich

Braune Kamele mit Höckern aus Nordafrika


Nahaufnahme von Nagetieren aus der Wüste


Sloth chilling on a tree at Zoo Zurich

Upside Down at Zoo Zurich